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Shopping for Fashion and need smaller sizes? We are a women's Online Boutique that's pretty much suited for petite clothing and women looking for petite clothes!

Looking for clothing size 0 to 6?

Gracestars is a Online Boutique for women that caters to women that are size 0 to size 6.  This is commonly known in other regions of the world as "freesize", or “One size”. Often, clothing that are “one size” would also fit larger sizes up to 6 or 8.  To be sure, all you need is a measuring tape and compare your measurements with the ones we have of the items.  Why shop in “one size”? For starters, you have a much higher chance to fit a top purchased online made in “free size” than one made snugly specific for size 2.  Most importantly, petite clothing made in one size for the and priced so affordably you will love shopping with us!

You will find the latest styles of petite clothing like tops, pants, shirts, accessories, dresses online and more!  We hope that you will enjoy shopping at our online boutique where we carry our hand picked selection of petite clothes.  Ever browsed through hundreds or thousands of items just to find a nice top or dress?  If you are petite or a size 0 to 6, you would find that our very attractively-priced selections will be absolutely fantastic options for you.  

At Gracestars, we endeavour to give you a great shopping experience with only the best hand picked selections of petite clothes that are in season and style, and they will fit great if you're slim and are always having difficulty getting smaller sizes in North America.  Shopping for petite clothing couldn't be easier with us, with our ever-growing women's clothing collection.

Do look out for our upcoming collections frequently as we will be adding more items to the store each week.  If you'd hate to miss out on some fantastic deals, do remember to sign up for our newsletter or "like" our facebook page so we can keep you in the loop on the hottest trends and the cutest dresses online!

Keep your wardrobe up to date through Gracestars, and may you have a good time shopping for fashion with us on our online boutique.  If you have any questions or enquiries, please do feel free to contact us.  We will be most happy to assist with your enquiries.