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Are you a big passionate follower of the gospel of grace? It's the same gospel as we have heard through the ages, in fact, its the very same message that the apostle Paul preached in his letters 2000 years ago! Modern mainstream denominations, through the course of human history, has placed different emphasis in their study of the Word and as a result, the issue of human works versus grace, obedience vs liberty is a source of contention. 

We are so happy to announce that our store is now up and running! And as with any new website, we may run into the occasional hiccup. But rest assured, we take all feedback seriously and any order you place with us will definitely be handled with the utmost care and speedy efficiency. 

Please do visit our social media pages and tell your friends about us, so we can get the grace message out to the world and change it as a result.

God bless you!

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