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What Is Grace?

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Grace is the underserved, unmerited favor of God displayed by the complete forgiveness of Sin through the complete redemptive work of His Son Jesus on the cross. 

About 8 years ago, I faced with the real battle of comprehending the events that were taking place in my family as we faced 3 death within a span on 8 months to close family members. Despite growing up in a Christian home and being a 3rd generation Christian myself, there was just so much self-doubt to whether I was even loved by God.

The repeated anguishing blows of departing loved ones put a big question mark on the entire family as a whole where even seniors were grasping with the tragedy and seeking me for some sort of biblical insight. I was a worship leader in a small church and it was beginning to be difficult to get up on stage and start leading a congregation into praise as I myself struggled with mounting debt from medical expenses and just a growing depression.

In my wallowing my best friend handed me a book about God's unmerited favour. I read it and devoured it completely as it answered all the questions in my heart and mind about God's faithfulness and my "performance". It was like a light bulb just came on in my head and all the erroneous half-grace, half-law teachings that was being fed on Sundays began to become more visibly wrong!

I found out that God's grace is unearned. There is no human contributing force to His goodness and mercy for us. The cross of Jesus was the absolute work of the Father in His ultimate display of what the judgement of sin looked like. Jesus was ripped apart and hung up like an animal for the sins of mine, where they would never ever have been paid for by my own good conduct.

This understanding of all the past, present and future sins being forgiven freed me from the shackles of the untrue thought that what happened to me and my family was some sort of divine punishment. It wasn't. It was the enemy once again, being the "roaring lion, seeking whom he shall devour." 

As I began to understand more clearly about the grace of God and how He is indeed a person in the form of Jesus. I noticed the change in my life. Circumstances were shifting into blessing after blessings and I am forever grateful.

I hope this encourages you, even though I'm only 8 years into my grace journey, I hope that you will always remember that...

Jesus paid it all.

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